Columns form the core of any distillation plant.  They are adapted to each application by the design and selection of different column internals.

Computer modelling and pilot testing forms the basis of reliable designs.


A = Overhaed product
B = Reflux
C = Feed
D = Steam reboiler inlet
E = Bottom product

1 = Distributor
2 = Packing
3 = Liquid collector
4 = Trays
5 = Downcomer


  • Alternative Fuels
    • Production of bioethanol as a fuel additive
    • Dehydration of ethanol by means of molecular sieves or entrainer distillation
    • Refining of regeneration alcohol/entrainers from the dehydration process
    • Refining of glycerine and methanol from biodiesel production
  • Beverage Alcohol
    • Complete plants and plant components for the production of raw alcohol and neutral spirit
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Treatment of process water from the production of hollow fibre modules
    • Production of perfume extracts
    • Concentration of polymer additives
    • Refining of extraction solutions
    • Separation of reaction by-products, solvents
  • Food Industry
    • Concentration of isopropanol from pectin extraction
    • Aroma recovery and concentration
    • Fractionation of flavours and aromas
    • Treatment of miscella
    • Refining of precipitants and solvents
  • Environmental Technology
    • Solvent recovery e.g. printed circuit production
    • Removal of organic compounds and solvents from waste streams