A modern production of bioethanol requires process technologies complying with highest standards regarding energy efficiency, sustainability and reliability. A tailor-made design is required to meet all these requirements. And this is what we are strong in:

  • GEA Wiegand is the technology leader in distillation and evaporation technology and as such is the competent partner for your bioethanol project.
  • GEA Wiegand bioethanol processes combine energy-efficient, innovative technologies with the reliability and with the quality for which GEA Wiegand has been renowned since decades all over the world.
  • For GEA Wiegand, the individuality of projects is not only a mere technological challenge, but it is a necessity to enforce competitive advantages also for our customers.
  • Take advantage of our longstanding experience in the construction of drinking alcohol plants – we will realize your project – from the idea to production.
  • Many realized plants give proof of our abilities and capabilities

For further information please take a look at our Brochure Bioethanol Technology